1. M

    Henrik Fisker Mercedes Royale 600 – Video

    From the article: The original Facebook post placed the monster Mercedes at Galpin Auto Sports, a well-known tuner and dealership in Southern California. It also turns out this is Henrik Fisker’s car. Photos and video - Henrik Fisker Mercedes Royale 600 .
  2. ringway

    Ex-Casino Royale S600?

    S600 V12 on ebay. LINK. I can't find the car as being used on Casino Royale. LINK.
  3. Bobby Dazzler

    James Bond Casino Royale - £5.99 plus VAT at Costco

    Not much to add other than that's around half the price are advertising it for £14.49 - and it was only released yesterday.
  4. GRAV888

    Royale Engineering

    Just been to Royale engineering in Gillingham for an oil and filter change on the E55. Very friendly bunch and very helpful. Would recommend to anyone. Only cost £37-00 too. :bannana: :bannana: Their phone number is: 01634-388200. Might have even sold the C180 to him too :D
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