1. F

    Rubbery stuff underneath

    Hi all, I need to make some repair to the rubbery coating under the car (C43 AMG W-reg) after having some welding done and other scraping rust etc off. What exactly is it and can I get a tin of it to paint on? Regards....
  2. Levismerc

    W123 rubbery bits - MB come up trumps!

    Hello all I'm getting round to replacing all four window scraper seals on my W123 coupe. I decided to ring Forestfine as they seem to be a recommended supplier - was quoted £179 inc vat (a bit less than I was expecting). Thought I'd ring MB Harrogate for a comparison and saved myself another...
  3. turbominor

    Rubbery sill paint on w202

    I finaly managed to clean my nice new c180 today and noticed a chip in the rubbery paint on the sill.. any idea where to get the paint?
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