1. Charles Morgan

    This place is an ocean of sanity compared to

    this Pokemon thread.
  2. A

    Prospective R129 500SL / Merc newbie seeks advice / sanity check

    Hi chaps Nice forum you have here. I'm currently giving serious thought to the idea of picking up an R129 SL a little later in the year. I'm on a pretty tight budget, but I can't help noticing that these cars have apparently hit rock bottom in terms of values. It's insane to see such a superb...
  3. Satch

    Used car price sanity check

    No.1 son is looking at at a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 5 door, 54 Reg, aircon, sub 46k miles & seems in pretty good condition, FSH, dark metallic. Not exciting but fits his current needs. Vendor is a (non main dealer) trader. Given the odd state of current market, what do we think would be a...
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