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    AC DIAVIA-wiring schematics for W124 with ECU-MAN unit

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a wiring schematic, AC DIAVIA, for Mercedes w124 diesel. My car is a w124 E 200 D-year 1994 and has a DIAVIA AC aftermarket installed. My car was in workshop for body repairs and now the AC is not working anymore. I try to figure out all the wiring and sensor...
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    A/C control unit 20 pin info / schematics

    Hi all, I finally dismantled the centre dash to get at the a/c control unit behind the fan speed and direction dials. The part number was found on the top of the black unit, mine read 210 830 0185. There is a barcode sticker on the bottom with Edmontage PL printed on it. Have checked wth MB and...
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    Diagnostic codes and schematics

    Greetings to all ! I own '90. w124 300E 24-valve. Having some problems with ASR. What I need is description of the codes (code list) from diagnostic memory module. I've assembled a LED tool (thanks AJDalton ! <img src="" border="0"...
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