1. M

    "Screech" from inside passenger side

    Hi Just noticed it but when I first get in the car there's a "screech" type noise from the glovebox area. Disappears after a few seconds or if I turn the key. It's like an electronic type noise not mechanical if that makes sense? Any ideas please? Thanks Mark.
  2. tron

    screech from drive's window.

    As it starts to drop. Only when descending, so it is one of the rubbers. With what can I lubricate it that will not smear the glass or rot the rubber, please?
  3. K

    Fan belt screech??

    Just come back from Xmas in Devon and noticed that my 1992 300td estate sounds as though the fan belt/poly belt (??) is starting to making a screeching sort of a noise. You often hear cars going around with their belts making one hell of a racket, but mine's nothing like that. What I'm...
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