1. R

    Rear Thud w210s selfleveling suspension

    Does anyone know about a load thud I'm experiencing when i go over small pot holes or bumps in the road a load Thud! I put the car in for a MOT and they said that the shock absorber is detached. However this is not the case. The car is a 1998 w210 with under 90,000miles could it be the spheres...
  2. R

    S210 320 CDi - Power Steering Noise & Possible Self-Leveling Issue?

    Hello! I'm a new member and relatively new owner of a 2002 320 CDi Estate. I utterly love the car and am looking forward to getting to know the site as I get it fettled into tip top condition. I have a few questions that I would love to get some answers for: 1. Does my car have the...
  3. Birdman

    Self-leveling suspension worry

    The warning message came on in France 500 miles into a 2,000 mile tour as the suspension went rock hard. Meanwhile the suspension hydraulic fluid reservoir level went UP and brimmed the container. Fault codes flaggged the rear rhs acceleration sensor as defective and one of the two hydraulic...
  4. C

    Self-leveling 190Cosworth-problems..

    190 2.5-16 Cosworth with the self-leveling rear end. 1991 car with 140k. Rear end has become harsh over bumps, squeak from near side damper and feeling of 'movement' under cornering. I have looked at bushes, bearings, links, etc-all ok, So I am now thinking dampers(look origonal), spheres...
  5. BenzComander

    Self-Leveling or not?

    Do all W210 Estates have the self-leveling suspension? Did a VIN number check on the Russian Merc website and there is no mention that my car has it. Was it an option?? Would it be obvious to see if I jacked the car up, read somewhere that there are suspension spheres under there...
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