1. S


    RIP Legend taken 22 years ago today. Crying shame :(
  2. s88


    On tonight at 2235? check your local listings.
  3. E

    The legend Ayrton Senna RIP

    20 years Tamerlane's Thoughts: Ayrton Senna Mercedes 190E 2.3-16
  4. Niks

    Ghost lap of Ayrton Senna - Incredible!

    Just came across this. Having done live sound engineering and sound design back in the day, I know how much work it must have taken to create this... Absolutely amazing!
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Senna on ITV now - 13 Oct @ 2220

    Just starting
  6. Khamen


    Finally got the chance to see this over the weekend, and I have to say what a brilliant piece of film-making (although you could argue that with such rich source material it would be hard to make a turkey). Although the spectre of his inevitable fate hung over the entire film it provided a...
  7. S

    Senna on sky movies tonight

    For those of you who have sky movies Senna is on at 10pm. Don't miss it!
  8. W210 Fan

    This guy hates Senna,

  9. R

    Senna The Movie

    Review with Spoilers! I went to the new film about Senna last night. The first thing to say was that the Cinema at Bluewater sold out for both of last nights showings so there must be some demand for it! The film is a documentary about Senna and contains footage of him racing and...
  10. Swiss Toni

    1991 British GP - Mansell & Senna

    If this doesn't bring a lump to your throat... :rock: Two heros.
  11. E

    Senna,s Nephew Bruno testing 911 & GTR

    Senna's Nephew Bruno testing 911 & GTR
  12. PJH

    Ayrton Senna prog on BBC2 tonight Tuesday 16th.

    Info only.
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