1. marc.l

    Super bikes and shorts

    Seen quite a few people out today riding large sports bikes in shorts and t-shirts,. Have these people never seen Tarmac abrasions ? Or think of the safety implications of falling or getting knocked of even at low speeds?
  2. grober

    EAT MY SHORTS [ The CARS variety]

    I rather like these 3ByDqIDfBPU AND KAIRqTSp9Dw&feature=related
  3. C240Sport97

    football team shirts and shorts

    anyone know the best place to buy football team clothing (Man U, ****nal, Liverpool) for boys (aged 10 and 8)? has to be the real thing. TIA
  4. anarchy-inc

    check my shorts moment

    Myself and a fellow CLK driver (in front of me) were just on the outskirts of Wallingford, Oxford this morning when a little red hatchback coming from the opposite direction mis-judged our speed (50) and thought he/she had enough room to turn right in front of us. :eek: The CLK guy in front...
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