1. bpsorrel

    If I had the money... sigh....

    If I could afford it (and they built it!), this would be in my drive in a heartbeat! :) TMXRswBnqDQ
  2. A

    Sigh .. they walk amoung us .. and unfortunately drive too

    So just over 2 weeks ownership and some idiot has crashed into it. I just can't fathom the mentality of some of our fellow species. This morning, after dropping the kids to school, my wife was driving down the road past the school entrance - a 2 way road that, for much of it, requires single...
  3. SimonsMerc

    *sigh* more car buying woes

    I think I'm going to ban all of my friends from buying cars without me. It's getting quite upsetting. So a friend (a different friend to the one who bought the Passat I talked about in a previous post) bought a Mercedes Sprinter Van. It had 88k on the clock, was four years old, and was bought...
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