1. gaz_l

    SLK230K R170 Vivanite

    Looks OK - Vivanite is a bit of a Marmite colour, I personally quite like it. The SLK looks in pretty reasonable nick and only 1 owner. I'd be surprised if there isn't some tin worm in the equation, but it seems like a lot of car for the money! 2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor - One...
  2. S

    Surprised at how nice an SLK230k is

    I bought a 2003, 56k mile SLK230 yesterday for my partner's birthday, which she loves. Driving it with her yesterday I was pleasantly surprised at what a well built, solid little thing it is. I know they have their rust issues (this one has been sorted so is good in that respect) but I'm really...
  3. GadgetBoy

    98 SLK230K Coolant fan not working.

    I'm reviving this car and working through it's surprisingly few problems. In trying to get the A/C working Carsoft threw up a coolant fan error which backed up my suspicions that it wasn't working with the temperature gauge getting highish a few times and the coolant light flickering. I've...
  4. I

    Quote on Projector Headlamps

    Hi, Thinking about upgrading headlights. I have just had a Insurance Quote on fitting Projector Headlamps to my 2001 SLK 230. The units are E marked DOT & SAE so conform to all existing regs. The lady I spoke to first said extra £50 pa as repair costs would rise in case of an accident. I...
  5. A

    Slk230k pse pump

    One of my customers pse pumps (Central locking pump) has failed due to water ingress these are quite frankly like trying to find rocking horse $hit! Part number 1708000548 Also need the plugs for it, I realise this is a long shot. Any help appreciated.
  6. N

    1998 SLK230K R170 Coolant Light

    Hi, since the battery has been changed on my 1998 slk230k the coolant light has been persistantly on. I have read it could be a pre fuse in the "Secret" fuse box. Has anyone have any idea where this secret fuse box is in the car and also if its not that what it may be causing the problem...
  7. M

    Engine swap on 230CE

    I have a 1990 230CE which i love very much. However the engine has simply gotten very old. I also have a damaged 1996 slk230 kompressor (the engine is perfect). I was wondering if there is any way to put that engine in my 230ce. the 230ce is rhd and a/t and the slk is m/t and lhd. I know you...
  8. R

    Fuel smell on a SLK230K 1998

    My SLK230 1998 model smells of petrol fumes when I use the vehicle or switch of the engine after parking the vehicle in my garage Removing the petrol cap releases the fuel system of pressure but does not cure the problem. My local mechanic states he cannot find any problems with the vehicle...
  9. wilbur

    SLK230k down on power

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 1998 SLK230 auto, and it seems to be down in power. It is slow to pull away and has developed a shudder when driving. I'm not sure the kompressor is kicking in either, it takes a while to gt up to speed and doesnt really go fast at all. I can hear some kind of...
  10. M

    1998 Slk230k

    1998 Mercedes SLK230k
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