1. Y

    Thanks Spax!!!!

    I bought a set of 40mm loweribg spring for my vito in January, delay after delay they finally arrived 6 weeks later, and they don't fit! The discriptions days 09/10, so I called to check they would fit my 09 plate vito, and they said yes. I contacted them and they basically said tough ****...
  2. sherco450

    spax on vito

    owned a few w 638 113 112 thought the handling was great for a fwd . then updated to a w639 115 never happy with it. expected more for a rwd and thought the 112 was more nimble. then updated to a 120 swb the extra hp really tested the chassis ,the results were nausea type symptoms from the...
  3. zenman63

    Vito 639 spax springs

    A couple of week now since I fitted Spax springs to my Vito. There are No negatives to report at all, carries the loads I use no problems looks so much better and the ride is very very good indeed, the at sea feeling has gone, but not harsh at all. :thumb:
  4. S

    CLK320 Spax Lowered Springs (NEW!)

    I have a set of lowered uprated Spax SSX springs to fit a CLK320 model - 208. Brand spanking new, never fitted still boxed. Cost me 3 months wait and £155 plus poistage. Yours for £125 delivered. I was told they lower the car by about 40mm so ideal since stock the cars run quite hight. PM me or...
  5. High-Lo

    Lowering W202 with Spax PSX Kit

    I have been bought the following suspension kit for my birthday (a couple of weeks back):;_4cyl:_C180;_C200_/_D;_C220_and_C230_year_93-12/95_lowers_by_40mm.html Does anybody know roughly how...
  6. M

    W202 c class spax completed uprated suspension kit

    on ebay uk now search under w202
  7. altreed

    SPAX PSX - W202 suspension Upgrade

    Hi, I have been thinking of upgrading my c36 suspension. I have looked into a Carlsson kit, new springs and adjustable gas shocks. However at £1200 they are a bit pricey. I spotted a SPAX PSX kit, offering a similar format, new springs and adjustable shocks. Has anyone got an opinion...
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