1. S

    Nigella Lawson Spoof drug video

    Goes on a bit but tickled me... :D New video leaked Nigella Lawson Shocking film spoof - YouTube
  2. developer

    Spoof or in need of help - what do we think

    This just arrived - what do we think? help me !!!! - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums This was his 1st post: http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?p=1001106#post1001106
  3. Merc Owner 2B

    Wheeler Dealer Spoof on YouTube

    Anyone seen the Wheeler Dealer spoof on YouTube? Apparently it was shown on their stand at the Classic Car Show this weekend. It was created by a couple of 12 year olds and portrayed Mike's "portly" figure! Can't see it at work but can't wait until tonight!
  4. N

    Welsh Jay-Z spoof - "Newport State of Mind."

    It made me laugh. "Yeah you know the D to the V to the LA, Dad said "Get a job with them" but Swansea's too far away." "Tom Jones Steve Jones Zeta Jones Traffic cones, If you come and visit use the Designated Parking Zones" YouTube - Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)
  5. gary350

    Internet Explorer 7 Spoof

    This came from tiscali Hackers have created a bogus Internet Explorer 7 download site to load Trojan code onto the PCs of visiting surfers. Be very careful. A spoofed email message, supposedly from support@microsoft.com offers a link to download Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of Microsoft...
  6. SEM

    2CV spoof ad

    Dont know if this has been posted already http://www.themoog.f2s.com/2CV.wmv
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