1. D

    Adrian Flux Spring Static 19th May

    COME AND HELP US GET THE SHOW SEASON STARTED IN STYLE! Adrian Flux has teamed up with some local car clubs and our friends at the Adrian Flux Arena (Norfolk Arena) to bring you an evening of automotive fun. This is our first time hosting such an event, being a specialist and modified...
  2. S

    Static on radio

    Hi all. I have a C200 estate - Avantgarde - 2007 My problem is very annoying - when I turn on the heated rear screen - I get static on my radio. Turn heater off and radio is fine. Can anyone please help. Many thanks in advance
  3. Spinal

    Static IPs

    So I've been told I need a static IP at home... I've emailed VirginMedia support, but I'm fairly sure they don't offer static IPs... which is really sad as they've finally done something right, their 50mb service doesn't have any download caps! Now I see that NTL:Telewest has survived as...
  4. verytalldave

    Static wheel trims on F1 cars

    I know their principles of operation - but what I dont know - and would like to know - is how are they fixed to the wheel? I mean, the wheel is going round at highspeed and yet the trim is fixed. How?:confused: View topic - Front wheel covers - this seasons must have... -
  5. Ian_C

    OT- Jawbone Bluetooth Headset - With Static

    Dear All, I have going spare a Jawbone bluetooth headset, which I bought of e-bay, but does not work as it should. So ideal for someone who can repair, or be bothered to get Jawbone to fix it. The item works, and pairs with a phone, though when making / receiving a call the call quality is...
  6. glojo

    Static discharge??????

    I accept that I am dicing with the 'Great Mover' here and this might be an electrical question, but it does NOT relate to a Mercedes-Benz so I have placed it here. My brother-in-law has bought a new car and after a couple of days he got an electric shock when touching the ignition key. At...
  7. P

    static feedback when accelerating hard SL129

    Hi, I have noticed that when I push my car really hard I get some form of electrical feedback (static) coming from the front of the dash somewhere :( it seems to crackle in tune with the rev counter ... Does anyone have any ideas where to start ? Also I had my windscreen replaced...
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