1. R

    AMG VI 2 piece staggered wheels in stering silver

    Hi, Just had one set of my 19" genuine 2 piece AMG VI 5 x twin spoke wheels back from Mercedes today, all total refurbished, as new, with the centre section in Sterling Silver. 8.5J ET30 fronts and 9.5J ET31 rears. No tyres, wheels only. I already have a another set of these VI's, so...
  2. d w124

    Wood and leather stering wheel for w210

    Very rare on maple birds eye W210 Mercedes E Class steering wheel (1995>01) E55 AMG on eBay (end time 07-Apr-10 14:55:04 BST)
  3. M

    speedo and power stering problems

    Hi all......couple of problems with my 2003 CLK 320 petrol coupe........firstly speedo not always working .......when its not working there is a clicking noise coming from behind the dash, however digital readout always works fine.......secondly the power steering is making a noise first thing...
  4. G

    Stering Wheel Badge?

    Don't know if this has already been done, but the steering wheel on my E240 is all black. I'm sure it would look better with a nice chrome 3 pointed star in the middle of it, similar to the later steering wheels. I think the C class wheels are the same. So.... 1) Has anyone done it? 2)...
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