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    CLK 270CDI 2004 Whoosing or Sucking sound?

    Hi all New kid on the block so bear with me. Noticed last night that when I power on above 2500rpm I can hear a loud whooshing or sucking noise coming from what sounds like behind the glove box. It doesn't make the noise when static and revved only when driving. Could this be a leaky...
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    sucking noise from behind headlight

    hi folks great forum ive been reading now avidly like a man possessed :-) ok here goes ml270 cdi 2003 all the trimmings lovely, shes having starting issues , lol what really ? shes been to the indy and had new fuel lines and o rings ....perfect 4 weeks later now its a lot colder no joy ...
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    Sucking Air

    I have a Mercedes c220 diesel estate, 2004, and when it is running it seems to be sucking a lot of air, I have changed the air filter and can't see any breaks or cracks in the air filter box, any suggestions as to what may be causing this?
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