1. ItalianTuneUp

    Tony Blackburn to sue BBC

    Tony Blackburn: I've been 'hung out to dry' by BBC Tony Blackburn has said the BBC "hung me out to dry" over the Jimmy Savile inquiry and he will sue the corporation where he worked for nearly 50 years.
  2. Rashman

    Airline to sue TV station over racism

    Read report and also play clip of broadcast. Asiana Sues Over 'Racist' Names In TV Report
  3. nick mercedes

    call the police and they sue YOU

    "Call the police and they sue YOU: WPC demands £50,000 from petrol station owner after tripping over a kerb while investigating a break-in" "A policewoman who answered a midnight call to a suspected burglary is suing the man who dialled 999 – because she tripped over a kerbstone." "WPC...
  4. C

    Pulmonary Embolism & DVT. To sue or not to sue?

    Hello guys Before starting my story, I need to make you guys aware that I am not after any compensation or nothing like that. Just an admission from the airline that they were negligent and contributed to my illness. I checked in for a 4 hour flight back to the Gatwick on 16 April. This...
  5. D

    NJ sue Nissen over Bi xenon lights

    Found this on the jag-lovers list, New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against Nissen for making headlights bright enough as to atract theives to steal them. I should sue MB for making nice cars that I have to spend thousands of pounds on buying and servicing !! Dave
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