1. D

    Ann Summers doing big business in Texas

    Had to smile at this, perhaps gun law needs more debate? Texas university students in dildo protest over gun law - BBC News But on a more serious note, it's getting bad when kids and teachers at school fear for their safety.
  2. Darrell

    Summers over

    After 174 consecutive 18hr days we close today. Our last guests are leaving in about 1 hour. :thumb: Time for a few beers and then some well deserved rest and family time.
  3. R

    Summers been and passed away....

    hardly seemed to last a day. But it's over.... :( Well thats it, today I had my winter tyres put on- summers over. I managed to get time to clean the wheels properly before they were put back on the car, which was something at least. It was freezing so I could only give the car a quick...
  4. D

    Saab on a summers day

    Nice day, never having had a proper go at cleaning the Saab, and fancied stealing back the half day that work cost me on Sunday. Not a proper 'detail' but the Merc needs some serious attention, so I thought I would practice also. My assistant decided to get involved after this photo...
  5. KLP 92

    Summers here! (well at least it ain't raining!) 500SL top down!

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