1. steveatpipex

    Telephone cradle for Sony T610 wanted

    Wanted as above please - a telephone cradle for a Sony T610 mobile phone for the Pre-wiring, obviously must be working and in good condition!
  2. 1

    Sony Ericsson T610 phone + car support HCH-33

    Really I don't think it will be so easy due to the kind of product but at least I try ;) to post here, pointing out I'm from Italy :eek: , ...but and I've already purchased from other Members. I'm selling a Sony Ericsson T610 phone, it's branded Vodaphone (Vodaphone Italy) blue colour, in...
  3. 1

    Compatibility between bluetooth device: Nokia car kit and Sony Ericsson T610 phone

    As per object, my speaker lament a bad reception due to an echo effect :( . May be because my voice is transmitted both via the phone and the Nokia car kit? I hear well. Please any suggestion or personal experience will be much appreciated, I'm wondering to buy a Nokia phone, for a better...
  4. A

    Wanted: UHI PHone Cradle for Ericsson T610

    Wanted: Mercedes UHI Phone cradle for an Ericsson T610 or T630 phone. Mercedes part: B67875830
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