1. gIzzE

    And this is why teenagers should not drive powerful cars!!

    Muppet!! :D LiveLeak.com - Bmw M3 too much for a young man
  2. D

    Teenagers Party

    How bad an idea is this? I think, it's really bad, but maybe I'm being too cautious. We are away sat night. 15 year old step-son has invited a couple of mates for the evening - which has now extended to 6. Worried about the house, the booze, the pool... Other half and (step-son...
  3. WLeg

    Teenagers and alcohol.

    Specifically our 14 year old daughter.......But I'm sure I'm not alone.. Complains a lot. Because we won’t let her go out with “school friends” (and their friends, and older brothers their friends, etc), or let her go to clubs/pubs and drink. We are happy for her to have a small glass...
  4. ANP320

    Driving Courses for Teenagers

    Apologies if this has already been covered. Not long ago I heard of a driving course for teenagers which was designed to continue after the test had been passed. Presumably one could simply book some sort of special extra lessons for motorway driving and the like but this course worked from...
  5. Howard

    Teenagers ....

  6. Alfie

    Teenagers mobile phone tariff

    Despite many attempts to rectify the misuse of one of our childrens phones, I am now forced into taking drastic and some would say, draconian, measures. I am looking for a contract mobile phone tariff which offers the following; circa 200 minutes free anytime any network circa 200 texts...
  7. A

    SL55 driven by teenagers video...

    right click, save target as... http://www.virgeweb.com/rage2/SL55AMG/SL55AMG.wmv
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