1. MikeInWimbledon

    Should I throw away my Humax because of my new TV?

    I've just picked up an LG OLED TV (at a knock down price) to convert from my beloved Plasma. Fantastic picture, gorgeous colour / blacks, upscaling, more Internet TV (Iplayer etc) and 4k / HDR content becoming more generally available through Netflix. And plenty of modern movies "generally...
  2. Palfrem

    Plod should throw the book at this to$$er!

    BBC News - Snow covered M60 driver in Manchester captured on film

    Makes my stomach churn

    Came across this on the net and almost puked, dont think its an actual rag top though. Video= Spot the sunroof lol YouTube - MERCEDES CLS CABRIO TUNING
  4. television

    The throw away TV's and why

    The picture shows a 2 year old Sony LCD flat screen, the digital tuner has gone down, so what happens now. I pick up the set from the house and get it on the bench and the first ½ hour goes on getting the back off and ready on the bench. The bit that has gone is the oblong box in the center...
  5. Flyer

    How far can you throw a paper plane? Best: 38.338m :cool: Global Rank: 53452 :crazy:
  6. guydewdney

    Anyone with the Garmin streetpilot? help needed before I throw it out the window...

    I have the streetpilot III colourmap. Latest (150 dollar V6 map) latest software dlonloaded and installed. the pigging thing keeps taking me down some gawdawful tiny little country lanes - WHY? ferchrissakes the blooming car is wider than some of these tiny little roads that are so small...
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