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    Iphone4 Ring tones and Comand

    Hi All Just mucking about with the comand in my w212, i'm trying to get a ring tone dedicated to blue tooth, so when the phone is connected to comand i can have the old fashion, ring ring, and not Ozzy Osbourne Paranoid :rock: Any help
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    mercedes message tones

    yep I'm bored:rolleyes:
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    Dial-up tones

    Hi Guys, Some time ago I asked if anyone knew how to enable the dial-up tones you get from the modem when you are dialling out. No reply was received so I guessed it wasn't possible on an XP notebook. Just had to clean and re-load all the stuff on my system and guess what? The dial tones are...
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    Dialing tones in XP?

    Hi folks, I know this is a silly one but is it possible to enable the dial tones when my XP laptop picks up the line and starts dialling out? I miss my tones from '98! Sad isn't it. Cheers Dvnave
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