1. D

    Transferring money out of UAE

    Friend of my dad worked in UAE for a few years and has recently moved back to the UK. He's still got a fair few grand worth of Dirham in his UAE bank account and is under the impression that the only way of getting it out is to fly back over there and get it out of the bank in cash then fly...
  2. swithin

    A litre of petrol goes up in UAE!!!!!!

    Just in case driving in the UK this weekend was not enought to make you hot under the collar, please spare a thought for those in the UAE who are facing their second massive hike since 2005 by US$0.05 to a mindblowing...
  3. W

    Photos - Mercedes in the UAE and other random pics

    The S500 is a very popular choice other there. Once I realised how common these were I stopped taking photos on them: Only 1 of these spotted: My brother in law's Jeep Wrangler (very capable off road and not bad on road either) This is it's best angle: Quite a few of these spotted and I...
  4. W

    Visit/Tourist visa to UAE

    I've spent a lot of time on various websites trying to understand how to obtain a visa for my Polish wife to visit the UAE. The UAE London Embassy website says: 'Please note that application forms are not obtainable through post or agencies and are, therefore, only available at the Embassy'...
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