1. Kevlaar

    Newbie from VAG to Mercedes (W211)

    Hey all, It's been a week since I delved into the world of Mercedes ownership and bought my '04 E220 Cdi, and of course I'm already finding gremlins and problems with the car, but I suppose that's half the "fun". As the title suggests, I've come over from the VW/VAG world/scene, my previous...
  2. S

    Coming back to MB from VAG

    Been a VAG fan for many years, my last MB was back in 2005, a c220CDI. I have since then had, Audi, Volkswagen and currently a Skoda, my first ever privately owned car after company cars for 23+ years. I currently do around 25k annually, being on the road every day, but service my Skoda...
  3. grober

    VAG to recall half a million cars in the US.

    VW have been found guilty of using specific software to fiddle their smog emission test results. :o:o:o The cars ECU was programmed to detect when the car was being tested for smog emission as opposed to driving along the road normally and switch to a smog emission lowering mode for the...
  4. gaz_l

    VAG twincharged engines

    Evening, all. I've been thinking of chopping in the Panda for something a little more lively, and something that's flagged up as a possible is the Skoda Fabia Vrs/VW Polo Gti/Seat Ibiza Cupra in their 1.4TSi 180BHP guise. However, it does appear that there may be issues with timing chain...
  5. B

    VAG specialist SE London/Kent

    :ban: I know this is the wrong forum but does anyone have a recommendation for someone to service the Audi we have just bought for my wife in SE London, Kent or Essex? Reading about Audi dealers online is terrifying, the better write-ups seem to be for VAG tuning specialists (e.g. AMD in...
  6. C

    Another Newbie... Moving to MB after 10 years of VAG

    Hello all, Currently have a C220D 125Ed Sport Estate on order, due early January. It will be coming in as a new Company Bus after 3 years with an A4 S-line Avanat & Octavia VRs before that. Having not been impressed with the A4 for a multitude of reasons, thought I would have a demo of the new...
  7. W

    Any VAG owners here that have used Ross-Tech diagnostic software?

    I'm struggling a bit and would appreciate some help. Car is a 2004 Auid A2. I'm using Windows 7. I have a KKL+CAN BUS USB 409.1 compatible cable. After installing the Ross-tech VCDS-Lite version I plug in the USB cable, then launch the application. I check in my Control Panel Device Manager...
  8. W

    VAG independent garage experience

    I had my A2 serviced today with new cambelt and water pump. :) Arrived at 8:15. Garage open, ready and expecting me. Courtesy car provided :) Returned at 5:15. Audi ready :) Invoiced prepared and I noticed that the wrong oil had been used :( He apologised and offered to change it...
  9. BTB 500

    VAG 1.9 TDi engine lifespan?

    We've got a 1996 Audi A4 estate with the 110 bhp 1.9 TDi engine. It's done just under 110k miles. Looks like it now needs a recon. (auto) gearbox at £1100 plus VAT :( Obviously the options are (1) scrap/sell the car and buy something else, or (2) get it fixed. Generally the car is OK...
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