1. D

    New ECP venture perhaps?

    Judging by the spam like posting I think ECP has a new business venture?
  2. DJNick1212

    My first venture in to Mercedes

    Hi guys, Im just into my first week of being the owner of a Mercedes car. last weekend I got myself a C200K . having done a couple of hundred miles in it im starting to get used to her now and am really enjoying how smooth she is. heres hoping for many trouble free miles. Nick
  3. S

    Joint Venture with a builder

    Does anyone here have experience of entering into a joint venture with a builder on a house rebuild / refurb?
  4. corned

    Venture Capital

    Having spent some time today with my local BusinessLink representative, one of the suggestions he made, to allow my business to grow at an acceptable rate to the demands imposed on it, is to look at the possibility of seeking venture capital funding. Without going into too much detail, the...
  5. stats007

    New Business Venture

    Having recently been made redundant I have decided that it's time for a change and to leave my industry behind and start my own business. With that in mind I'm thinking of starting a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment company in Surrey :eek: . A bit of a change, I know, but I'm tired of London...
  6. Ian B Walker

    Forthcoming Venture

    Pammy, Kinky and myself are thinking of holding a P.A.P. Celebration in October this year. We have discussed this amongst ourselves and invisage the following formula. A whole weekend away at a Hotel. (Hilton) A Sat Morning form of vehicular entertainment. A Black Tie Dinner complete with...
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