1. andy_cyp

    ///amg Vinyls

    Got half a dozen of these lying around. Afriend of mine whos a printer made these up for me, so if anyones intrerested please pm me. Sorry about the pic quality as it was a phone cam jobbie. As you can see i put one on the black grille and it does go quite nice and the pic as stated dont...
  2. glojo

    applying contact adhesive vinyls

    My son wants me to apply some contact adhesive vinyl onto a metal surface. I have read somewhere about applying a water detergent layer onto the surface to allow the vinyl to be 'worked'??? What I am afraid of is applying this very thin vinyl and leaving horrible creases? I can obviously use...
  3. Benzowner

    Recording Vinyls to PC?

    Does anyone know, is it possible to record vinyl records onto your PC. Is it as easy as plugging the record deck into a USB or serial port, excluding the amp of course, and should you use a magnetic or higher output cartridge?
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