1. Crazyfool

    **AVOID** Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    Avoid the gift card like the plague! I was given a £25 gift voucher by my sister last November for my birthday. In order to activate the card, she had to pay a further £2.95, so in all my present cost her £27.95. The card has the Visa logo and on its website it states 'Vanilla Visa Gift Card...
  2. spinaltap

    Rant: Workplace Visa

    In the last few days, my daughter's American house-mate gained her MSc Cancer Studies (Distinction). She wants to remain in this country to apply her knowledge and experience in the NHS. The problem is that her student Visa expires at the end of the month: without it, she will have no choice but...
  3. M

    Anyone applied for Indian Tourist Visa lately?

    Thought we would give India a try for our next hol, and blithely went ahead and booked. Then the question of the Tourist Visa raised it's ugly head - another £100 quid each on the bill. Worse, the application process looks a nightmare, all sorts of confusing bureaucratic nonsense and a flaky...
  4. Spinal

    Urgent: Doha Qatar Transit Visa

    A quickie... I've been looking online but can't find much... I'm going to India and one flight goes via Doha with a 10hour stay. Do I need to get a transit visa for Quatar (British passport and Italian passport for my travel buddy)? From what I can find, they issue transit visa's on...
  5. christopherwk

    Advice on travelling to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA

    I don't travel very often, and it's my first visit to the United States, so I thought I'd ask a few questions on here, hope they don't sound too basic or daft to those who know! A friend of mine is going on a backpacking type trip to the west coast, visiting Las Vegas, San Francisco, San...
  6. Spinal

    Visa Help

    AAAHHH!!! Just received a report that Mauritannia has stopped issuing visas on the border! Problem is, Mauritania doesn't have an embassy/consulate in the UK... at least, not anymore! There are rumours that the French consulate can issue Mauritanian visas, but I can't get through to a...
  7. W

    Visit/Tourist visa to UAE

    I've spent a lot of time on various websites trying to understand how to obtain a visa for my Polish wife to visit the UAE. The UAE London Embassy website says: 'Please note that application forms are not obtainable through post or agencies and are, therefore, only available at the Embassy'...
  8. Darrell

    Taking visa payments

    We have 25 studios here in Skiathos in Greece that we rent out independantly of any tour operator. Our guests see our web-site, check out a couple of forums and then send us an enquiry regarding prices availability etc etc. The way we work with a new booking is that they send us a deposit from...
  9. Tan

    Travel Visa

    Hi I need to get a Tourist Visa to visit Moscow, can anyone recommend any good Visa Companies, there are loads on the web, but I dont know if they are any good. Many thanks Tan
  10. portzy

    Visa terminals

    Hello, anyone had experience of or use these at work?. I have to carry out a 'ball park' costing to equip about 20 field service engineers with remote Visa terminals. They would be taking payment for extra over work in customers houses therefore the terminal itself would use, I'm presuming...
  11. B

    Scrape/Grind when shifting from 3rd to 4th Gear and Visa Versa

    Hi people can anyone help please? My brother has a 1998 W202 C180 Classic, when ever he shifts from 3rd to forth gear or visa versa it sounds like a scrapeing or grating of metal. What could this be and is it harmfull? The nise sounds like its coming from under the car and can be heard...
  12. GrahamC230K


    Just seen an ad. for a Mercedes VISA. Don't need another one, but might apply for a Mercedes Platinum card just for pose factor :D (no annual fee) Anyone else seen it or been tempted?
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