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  1. M

    W211/ 7g Tronic - Downshifting & Braking Effect- Reluctance Rings ABS

    I thought i would start a new thread to see if anyone has cured this problem with the ABS reluctance rings. My 7g gearbox was serviced and software updated a few weeks ago so its not that. When driving around town, if i take my foot off to coast and slow down, i get a light braking effect...
  2. SL300-24

    W211/ W219 Wood steering wheel for sale

    I have a very nice wood steering wheel for sale for a W211 or W219 CLS. It is black with the greenish wood that comes standard in the W211 "sport" or "avantgarde" spec. I bought it for mine but forgot mine has paddles :doh: so this wheel is for a car without them. Looking for £200 including...
  3. R

    W211/ W219 NTG2.5 Comand Unit

    My W211 is leaving the fleet this the nav unit is up for sale. You can read all about them on this forum and how users rate them. As well as the Nav, it has built in Bluetooth phone, a 4GB hard disk for storing MP3's and a slot for SD Cards. Units go on ebay for around £550 plus another £200...
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