1. Borys

    Mercedes w221 wheelnuts

    'M always in the woods with this. Just got original 17" wheels for my S class (winter tyres) without bolts Mine now is on aftermarket wheels, bolts are different Please what is the original size of bolts for 17" wheels Thanx guys
  2. S


    Hi Alloys on my w124. 1 long wheelnut about 5 -6 turns to tighten The other 4 about 1.5 turns to tighten. Would that be right? Just seems not much to tighten on the 4.:confused: Ta
  3. F

    Need locking wheelnuts with 'slim' lock - anyone been down this route ?

    Hi folks Have put new alloys on my W124 230CE (17" ZCW Charm Shadow Chrome) but the key for the locking wheelnuts from my previous alloys won't fit. Looks like I need new locks with a slimmer key. Anyone know what type will fit ? Vendors for the McGard range are unable to help me Cheers Frank
  4. stats007

    The importance of wheelnuts !

  5. N

    Need Locking Wheelnuts

    Hi, I just realised that i haven't got them. :( I had a quick look on Ebay, but no joy there (that must be a first!), is it a case of empty my wallet at the dealer?
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