1. N

    Widest rear tyres on C63

    What the widest rear tyres that can be put on the back of a C63 saloon on standard 18" rims without causing issues? Thanks
  2. L_A

    what is the widest wheels on W210 8.5j front 10j rear (et31) is it possible??

    Would it be possible to fit 20" wheels on a w210 e class 8.5j front and 10j rear if so what size tyres would i use ? Been offered a set of wheels off a mate that he has taken off his S class just wondering if they would fit as the s classes look like they can take larger wheels.
  3. jaiscossie

    Whats the widest front tyre on a w203 please?

    Does anyone know what the widest tyre that you can put on the front of a w203 merc c class? Thanks
  4. KLP 92

    Whats the widest wheels that will fit on a W107 sl?

    I have bought the original penta AMG alloys for my 500SL 1982 model. The front alloys are 8J and the rears are 9J. Will the rears rub or not?
  5. J

    Widest tyres for W202 i can get away with

    Hello all, I would like to know what are the widest front and rear tyres i can have for my car (its a 1999 C43, but I guess this question would apply to any car in the W202 range) I currently have 17" alloys with stock-size tyres : the fronts are 225/45/17, rears are 245/40/17. I think...
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