1. columb

    [MOD] W203 12V in boot (wih pics!)

    Hi! As many of you know, I was quoted £200+ by main stealer foe extra 12v socket in boot of my car. Bit excessive if you ask me... For £50-60 I wouldn't even bother checking what needs to be done but £200 it's a different story. So, today I went to my mate and here it what we have done :) It...
  2. P

    602.982 engine wih a Injection pump from another mercedes engine?

    Spoke with a lad who had fitted a w123 with a 602.982 engine/drivetrain from a wrecked W210 290 TD -97 that someone had fitted an injectionpump from another type mercedes diesel engine..... This so that the engine could be used without the fancy electronics and DASsystem used in W210 cars...
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