1. F

    CONCOURS OF ELEGANCE, Windsor 2016
  2. Abdel Rahman

    Need a gearbox expert in windsor or Slough

    Hello guys , I have having a gear box oil leak ,automatic c180 2003 the first guy replaced the rubber sealant of the gasket and the car was fine and no leaks for at least 2 month . Now the problem appeared again , and the transmission slips form 1st to 2nd , the the car suddenly jolts ...
  3. T

    A170 (W169) - Dealer and Issues Recommendations (Windsor / West London area)

    Hi, almost a year ago (sorry, I know I should watch this forum more regularly) I posted about a problem with the clutch on my "new" A-Class. I've just put an update on that topic - gearbox went on that one! The initial 12 month warranty is coming to an end so I want to get the car looked at...
  4. N

    Windsor Races FREE admission opening day, April 4th.

    Not the highest standard of racing on the planet but a nice location & day out if the weather is pleasant.
  5. A

    Staying in Windsor for the W/E in four weeks.

    I have never been to this lovely side of London before, was wondering if anybody has some advice on places to visit etc? We would also be looking to eat at a nice Restaurant on the Sunday afternoon. We are staying in the Oakley Court Hotel, anyone stayed here or know anything about it? Thanks.
  6. tromppost

    Independent in Windsor or Slough

    Hi, I am looking for a recommendation of an Independent to service my S320. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Windsor or Slough would be handy. Many Thanks Tony.
  7. Flyer

    Windsor Trip ...

    Had a nice drive down to Windsor on Saturday, did the touristy thing and went around the castle, had a walk down the high street and who should we see rumble by... Maff! Looking good mate (the car that is!). The rest of the trip (and the reason for going) was a bit of a nightmare which I'll...
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