1. kurtdaley

    1999 T, Peugeot 306 xsi

    just bought this to sell on, so thought I'd put it on here Peugeot : 1999 PEUGEOT 306XSI TAXED AND MOT METALLIC ICE BLUE Just waiting for the V5 to come back from the DVLA. Will take offers.
  2. T

    Peugeot 306 XSI For Sale

    Don't know if anyone would be interested, so worth a try! Selling my 2nd car as it's not being used anymore: 2000 'W' Peugeot 306 XSI 2.0 16v (137bhp Engine) 99,500 Miles 5 Door China Blue Pealescent Paint 4 Previous Owners 12 months Mot 1 Month Tax Spec: Alloy Wheels Air...
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