1. ioweddie

    Its Here Yippee

    Just in case you haven't see it in the other post. Personal Presentation - Esplanade :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  2. smillion

    Full valet and full MOT ! Yippee

    Just had to tell someone .............. Had he car fully valeted (3.5 hours) this morning and then it passed its MOT this afternoon. I was expecting the worst but then MOTs have always had that effect on me. Does anyone else dread the MOT? Now feels like brand new - lovely, lovely lovely...
  3. anarchy-inc

    Employed again . . . YIPPEE!!!

    Finally got a job offer worth having and I start next Monday!!!! :rock: :rock: Having to look for a job over the holiday season was not the most fun thing to do, but at least it's over now. Back to racking up miles on the CLK . . . rolleyes:
  4. GRAV888

    Yee Haa. Woo Hoo. Yippee etc etc etc

    Just found out an hour ago, I'm gonna be a dad again. :bannana: :bannana: And there was me thinking the old chap had stopped firing on all cylinders :D
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