I've been diffused...

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Badges better as a least its the same text size, but still looks a bit too much?

You love it though and the car itself looks superb
Lucky Fooker,

Im still waiting for Neal to send me mine along with the front
cf lip.
WOW CAR. :cool:

A great addition the car looks fantastic, well done.
As a debadged owner myself, I'll say "lose the badges" with the rest of them! Only the star should remain. Stunning looking car all round.
Looks much better with the KLEEMAN removed but maybe you should have removed the AMG and put the KLEEMAN that side instead? :)

Lovely car by the way!
Are you sure that is not a twin level diffuser? You might get protested and all your results so far would be provisional in the eyes of the FIA....:rolleyes:

Looks great and....err....very topical!:thumb:
Guys - there is no way I'm pretending it's not an AMG and debadging it - as you might be able to guess from the registration :)
looks the nuts scorcher
Love it!! And badges are just the job too.
I hated you before and now I hate you even more ;)

Should be Badged E200k
That is one saaweeeeet ride. Diffuser and K2 badges look great.

Noticed you have pressed plates on the car. Are those road legal? They look saweet too!! I want a pair.
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That car looks so aggressive in an elegant mercedes kind've way, i LOVE it.

If you debadged it you cannot make that car look any less then what it already is, it looks like an E55 and it has the V8 supercharger sound to back it up.
Your cars awesome looking Scorcher.....love it :thumb:
Well done.

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