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Morning all,so my friend viewed,test drove the car and checked everything was working ok then double checked the history and all invoices/paperwork and the “missing service” mystery was solved as there was an invoice from an independent garage for the date/mileage between the the 2 mb services either side of it that were 20,500 apart.Apart from the usual front bumper/bonnet few stone chips he said the car was in very good condition inside out and everything worked as it should,drove the car from cold and took it for a 10 mile test drive of mixed roads to get a good feel for the car and was impressed with the ride quality/response etc and is viewing a similar car today before deciding and no pressure from the seller,will update when he makes a decision.
Stand to be corrected but I thought service interval on those was 15,500 miles or 12 months.

The Auto box service is also critical on those and often skipped as its a costly job but 40,000 miles is only just over (3,717 miles) against the official 60,000km (36,283 miles). So that's in its favour.
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