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    Great model car

    if only I knew anything about model building I'd be so interested in this: Model Ferrari of course I probably couldn't afford it... dave
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    Is 70mph too slow?

    my point exactly. is it right/sensible to try to criminalise 80% of the population? While I don't subscribe to the theory that laws should only be what the majority of the people want, it seems untenable for a law to be ignored by so many and still considered valid..
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    Is 70mph too slow?

    there was like a page and a half of text there, surely you can give me more than that! :) dave
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    Is 70mph too slow?

    I imagine any stabber worth their salt would carry a bleach laced rag with them precisely to be able to wipe their knife clean after attacks. that aside, it brings up the question of who the car belongs to. if it's my car then I want to be able to see what data it is collecting and I want the...
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    Professional Certifications.... part deux!

    yeah, I'm CISSP certified. it's okay. I did it as a boot camp, ie a very intensive week where there is a lot to learn and then the exam on the last day. hard work but it got it done and over with. warning, the exam for CISSP is 6 hours straight. multiple choice, but it's "chose the most correct...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    it was on a range rover in Manchester this weekend.
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    Making a house "future proof" during a renovation

    not that out of date. well, 10 years ago cat5 and coax would have been good ideas then, and still now. okay now you might as well do cat6, but cat5 is perfectly serviceable. 10 years ago, you might have also wired in component video rather than something digital, but component is still good...
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    Were any questions asked about the accusations of police agent provocateurs made by several people, including an MP? link dave
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    Pioneer Televisions

    Just put my order in for a Pioneer LX5090, though I'm not expecting it to show up for a a few weeks yet. at least I can stop feeling jealous about my dad's 4280xd! dave
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Going along Deansgate in Manchester today I saw a beautiful Audi R8 with the numberplate 61LTY (ie guilty). made me smile
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    Allways leave the wheel caps on!

    I notice that no mention was made of the owner of the wheel. from his PoV, someone has just nicked an alloy wheels and then destroyed it... and I can't help thinking that wheels cost a lot more than cats... :)
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    Anyone seen any interesting cars

    There seem to be no shortage of audi 8's around manchester, which is a shame as there is a major shortage of them in my parking spot! not a car as such, but yesterday on the M56, I saw 5 motorbikes with sidecars, and 3 of them were pulling trailers... it's been a long time since I saw a...
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    Facebook Poll

    I only recently caved in and got an account. I tend to leave it open in one tab of my web-browser (bearing in mind I typically have 20-30 tabs open at any one time) and I use it to see what some of my old friends are getting up to. but I rarely make status updates (I think I've made one). I...
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    Is this a record?

    replace "impulse" with "drunken" .. :) hey, a next door neighbour of mine bought a mini convertible whilst drunk one friday night, had to sober up the next day to go and collect it.
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    Anyone seen any interesting cars

    I saw a yellow/lime green Lotus Europa in Manchester today. first one of those I've seen. not sure I'd go for the colour mind...
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