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    s212 LOOK at that grille!

    Ex-taxi perhaps? I'm not a fan of those grilles either. But each to their own 👍
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    Jaguar XJ220

    You must've got yours about the same time as me then 👍Was from a Sunday supplement I think from memory? I do remember paying for it in instalments :) Mine unfortunately has lost it's door mirrors in numerous house moves 🙁
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    Jaguar XJ220

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    Jaguar XJ220

    I already have one, owned it since 1992 👍
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Fitted one of these today. Little things 😂
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    MOT exhaust emission fail

    Last year my work 2012 Vito 113CDI van that I'd had from new failed on emissions at 240,000 miles, diagnosed as needing a replacement DPF & cat. Got quoted a £6k bill to carry out the replacements :oops: My boss wasn't happy as the dealer did the MOT straight after carrying out a £600 service 😂...
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    LED foglight bulb legality

    That answers my question, thankyou 👍
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    LED foglight bulb legality

    Have some LED bulbs in mind that give the correct beam pattern & therefore won't blind other road users but I can't seem to find an answer as to whether they'll fail an MOT or not. I know replacing the filament bulbs in headlamps is an MOT failure. All I could find on the government MOT website...
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    Gel plates

    They're not my cup of tea but I agree, that's how number plates were up until the 70s, with raised digits
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    Newbie 320 CDI question

    The 2003 E320CDI I had 10 years ago was corrosion free too, although it was only 7 / 8 years old at the time. Didn't they have aluminium doors / bonnet / bootlid & the rest was galvanised? I thought they went all out after the rust issues with the previous W210?
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    £20k E55

    I was under the impression that comment was said tongue-in-cheek, as an "in" joke (although I'm actually not aware of what that joke is) ;)
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    Really, Bit of a Dog's dinner?

    Someone who likes their food judging by the plate ;) And clean those bloody exhaust tips will ya!
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    Newbie 320 CDI question

    The earlier 3.2 straight-6 is pretty bulletproof, the later 3.0 V6 not so much, but still both good engines. Obviously the later engine is more powerful (by about 40 bhp iirc) but the earlier iL6 is eminently & reliably tuneable if required. Both will get over 40 mpg on a run.
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    The Famed Prancing Moose

    That's exactly what our elderly neighbour called our Volvo when we had it (she mis-pronounces quite a few words bless her 😂).
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    W124 260E

    Quite enjoy his content on Youtube, not only that I recognise the roads he drives the vehicles on as they're local to me.
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