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    Hybrid Mercedes Specialist

    Olly - this is clearly the way to go, and I've found myself not able to find an independent to be able to recommend to our customers who has the hybrid knowledge more than once !! - So we're very very pleased you've made this investment in skills and equipment - I'm sure its very significant...
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    New Instrument Cluster mph to km

    Its possible to change, but not just a change of the cluster. Contact or and we'll quote you for sorting it - done quite a few MPG/KMH swop-overs. Cheers Richard
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    C350e Battery Sign. E-Mode greyed out

    In general, Red warning signs mean "don't drive" - Yellow mean "OK, but deal with it" - But, a warning - Hybrid systems are high voltage, please don't go near them (I have a friend who's a trained HV chap, and he's been almost killed because something was meant to be supplied discharged and it...
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    Comand display skipping CLS 2015 NTG5s1

    Possibly some sticking buttons ? Needs some difficult diagnosis :-) Try seeing (Comand online) R
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    NTG 3.5 V11 Map Update via Download Link

    NTG3.5 is designed to be updated from DVD. If there is a read error during the update you can get in big trouble, and a new NTG3.5 unit is very expensive. Copy DVDs reflect light much worse than "printed" DVDs, so you increase the risk of a read-error etc etc - we've dealt with loads of...
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    Android Auto - CLA Shooting Brake 2016

    With AA the early software is ropey. But if it got updated at some point to newer software that’s more robust with Android Auto. I don’t know exactly when it got more robust
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    Android Auto - CLA Shooting Brake 2016

    Car is needed.
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    Android Auto - CLA Shooting Brake 2016

    They didnt enable AA in the early cars (ie 2015/2016) because the software didn't work reliably/well. If a dealer did it for £75 that's stunningly cost-effective as they normally charge significantly more for just doing firmware let alone the other work that's needed. If you fancy a trip...
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    Command ntg 2.5 (Alpine BZ9811)

    Contact Alfie (above) - we can get the PIN codes (after theft check) and it will need unlocking with Xentry (and in fact, may need a software update to allow latest maps, and may need coding (depending on whether Vito had rear speakers, or any other options such as DAB or HK (which is less...
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    Just bought Integrated Automotive Apple Car Play unit - next to fit it!

    We fit/sell the IA box, its the best of the lot, and great UK support from the chap who designed it. R
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    Keyless entry - paranoid about theft

    We fit loads of Ghosts to high end Mercedes - most people don't quite trust themselves to double click the key :-) Speak to Mark on (forum sponsor..) R
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    Device Unavailable

    Worth adding, that if yours is a W204 (i.e earlier) same thing can will occur if any of the DAB Tuner, HK amplifier, TV tuner, Media Interface (if they are fitted) fails.
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    Device Unavailable

    2016 C class should be a W205 (your sig says W204). Something on the fibre-optic ring has failed. Can be Tuner, Burmiester amplifier, or even head unit. If you are anywhere near Lightwater in Surrey, (M3 J3) we (Comand Online) can diagnose it for you. Speak to Becky on 01276 464900 !
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    Comand-APS (NTG2) w203 faults

    Alpine ILX-702d or pioneer SPH-da250 are our favourites, but chip shortage is causing all sorts of supply problems …
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    W212 NTG 4 to NTG 4.5 Retrofit

    The screen has the same connections. But the big screen displays nothing when connected to an Audio-20 sadly.
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