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    Portsdown Hill

    Trying to get a bit more drama in the shot... 8N2A4659-2 by Mr Seahorse, on Flickr
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    C63 Cracked Wheels.

    Not counted them!
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    Misty Test Shots

    You know that thing where y9our headlamps light up the mist, was trying to capture that.
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    C63 Cracked Wheels.

    I have the matte black wheels on my C63, and have had to pump way too much air into a car I have had for a couple of weeks. NS Rear inner rim turns out to be cracked, go in to garage today.
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    Any drone users on here?

    Bought one a couple of years ago, hammered it for a few months, but eventually got bored with the limitations (even after adding a gimbal) and the thing that really killed it for me was video editing, which takes forever. It's in a cupboard gather dust. X0WpJlPmZ-I I find photograpy more...
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    Hi, Just sold my SLK, 8N2A7676-Edit-1-2 by Mr Seahorse, on Flickr not had a chance to take a decent shot of it's replacement yet, so here's a crappy phone shot for now. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions about the new one...:thumb:
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