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    W126 500se 1988

    Quick and dirty sales thread until I get home and sort a better one. Selling my 88 merc 500se, in midnight blue, cream leather, 89700 miles, new mot, short tax, good mix of spec, lovely condition. Bar a scratch on rear arch, and one crinkly chrome bumper piece in same side. £2000, car...
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    W210 e430 estate 1998

    Link to full pictures set. dalya120's Library | Photobucket
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    W210 e430 estate 1998

    Sorry forgot the price and some pics to come once I get them uploaded. £900
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    W210 e430 estate 1998

    Mercedes e430 Avantgarde estate, 7 seat model, 1998, 153,600 miles, 12 months mot, tax till Apr 14, 5 previous owners. FMBSH Till 108k then Independents, oil change 5k ago. 7 seats all leather grey interior, electric memory drivers seat, heated front seats, climate control, cd stereo...
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    w201 190 Roof rack bars and cycle carriers

    I have a w201 ORIS roof rack bars and cross bars to support two bikes. Was planning on fitting it to my w210 but it doesn't with the rails I have. Nice and solid, has 190 w201 on it, comes with one key. Offers, Pick up HA7
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    Ace cafe London May 22nd Mercedes Special + Pagoda 50th

    I will be heading along in my new purchase. The w126 500se posted in the spotted on ebay a week or two ago :)
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    Right interior for w126?

    Thanks, I had seen that and have done lots of digging from his mobile and forum names. Nothing so far seems to indicate that he will mess me about, so fingeres crossed. I certianly will not be paying more than bid. Just got the car insured through Flux for £230 argeed value.
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    Right interior for w126?

    Well I bid and won. Going to collect it Saturday morning, lets hope it's as described.
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    New to the fold - considering a w123 CE

    Also thinking of going down the ce route, anyone used specialist
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    w210 reverse sw wire colour?

    Just t oupdate, the grey/green wire provides 12v when reverse is selected. I used this for the Head Unit AV selector, now soon as I select reverse, the camera is displayed :)
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    w210 reverse sw wire colour?

    Yes I did that for the camera end, but its a wireless camera and the HU has a reverse wire to flick it to the relevant av channel. So I want something dash end on the Reverse line to activate it.
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    w210 reverse sw wire colour?

    thanks, any other wire colours known to be related to the reverse, I was thinking maybe even using the illumination from the selector lights?
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    w210 reverse sw wire colour?

    Anyone have the diagram for the w210 wiring loom that plugs into the autobox selector, I want to find which wire if the one to the reverse switch so I can splice into it for my rear camera activation. Thanks
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    w210 undertray, Exhaust E430 Freeflow

    Anyone have the front undertray in good nick, and anything resembling a free flow exhaust for the 430 too?
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