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    What should I have in my boot?

    "What should I have in my boot?".............Your foot! :banana:
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    RIP - Sabine Schmitz, queen of the ring.

    What terribly sad news.......RIP Sabine.
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    Murray Walker RIP

    a real Motor Sport legend and true gentleman.......RIP Murray Walker
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    'Pied de Mouton' Risotto.........Sheeps Feet Mushrooms, picked from from our woods this afternoon. .
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    R129 1998 - 2001

    What is your budget?
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    US styling mods. for the R129

    This post should have come with a warning...............I can't 'unsee' it now! :eek:
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    Left-foot braking

    Have always left foot braked (over 50 years) in 'autos' and standard practice when racing anything!
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    Talk to me about boats

    If you really want to lose that amount of money, I can let you have my bank least you could watch someone else enjoy it!
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    Your day in three words.

    40+ degrees again! .
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    Car prices

    Guess the wifes new Dacia Sandero at £8995.00, is a bit of a bargain then! .
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Just got time to type's on the table - Calves Liver!
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    More Space For Cyclists And Pedestrians - Discuss

    Just wait for the first rainy day..........all the walkers and cyclists will get back in their cars!
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    Tell us about your first fast car experiences

    Way, way back in time, I tested a F3000 Lola at Brands Hatch...........that was entertaining!
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    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    Listening to this on replay every couple of hours...... .
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