1. G

    MB E280 CDI '55 won't rev over 1500 rpms (2359 error code)

    Hello All. I am hoping someone came across the same problem in the past and will help. Bought the car back in December and it was fine for the first few weeks. Then one day when accelerating on cold engine it jerked a few times. I reduced the throttle and it was fine again. Few days after the...
  2. nickjonesn4

    1500 happy miles

    Just done 1500 trouble free miles from Edinburgh to London then Cornwall then back London then finally home to Edinburgh. Nice mix of motorway and A and B Roads in the journey and the car didn't miss a beat whether sitting at 70 on the motorway into London or making more rapid progress on the...
  3. mat8n

    Honda Goldwing 1500!

    Just listed her on eBay if anyone is interested. HONDA GOLDWING GL1500SE 1995 Anniversary, Candy red, FSH A1 condition | eBay
  4. Uky

    M271 (CGI) Whining noise at 1500+ RPM

    I have a E250CGI with the M271 direct injection petrol engine. It is a M/Y 2010, but the car has only 30,000 km on the meter. Some time ago, when driving with my windows down I noticed a whining noise or tone, at say 1-2 kHz, that is proprtional with the engine speed. It is not the...
  5. I

    1982 300 SD 1500 original miles

    Mercedes Benz s Class 4 Door Sedan | eBay Just look how this thing was built, those were the days. What'll it make?
  6. D

    w140 cl500 with loads of extras and private for 1500

  7. P

    W212 engine moaning at around 1500 rpm

    My E250 CDi (W212) makes a “moaning” or “rubbing” or “resonating” (cannot think of any better words to describe) noise from the left hand side of the engine bay as you face the front of the car from outside; it is the turbo side. The car has done 42k miles, properly serviced and is 3.5 years old...
  8. d w124

    Is a 168 comfy enough for 1500 miles?

    Just looking for a little review from 168 owners or those that had one Looking to travel in summer and wanted to know if the 168 can cope with 3000 return trip for a family of 5 The idea of the A class is simply to try and get my other half to drive it afterwards
  9. R

    Back from 1500 miles drive to Scotland:)

    This is a catch all thread for several different thoughts. I've just returned from a 1500 mile drive arrive Scotland where we experienced all 4 seasons over our fortnight and thoroughly enjoyed the countryside and sea.:D A few thoughts: 1. My car C180K averaged 33mpg over the whole...
  10. Londonscottish

    Just completed 1500 miles on my bike

    In the last week of May 2009 I decided to try out commuting by bike. On the way home last night my trip computer hit 1500 miles. I was determined to see it click over so was watching it like a hawk and trying not to crash (that would have been ironic....). Anyway, that equates to 100 commutes...
  11. DSLiverpool

    NEW Panasonic SC-HT 1500 Home Cinema / DVD / HD / Tuner & Speakers + Sub

    This Panasonic SC-HT 1500 is new and sealed in the box but is an obsolete model, I was keeping it for my cinema room but things havent quite turned out that way. Google it and its a well rated kit and was about £900 3 years ago, looking for £300 plus a haggle over delivery - it is a big box so...
  12. M

    would not rev over 1500.

    Was out earlier today for about 20 minutes before I pulled up at lights and waited. Not certain but think I left car in D and had foot on brake. Pulled away and kangarooed around the island I was waiting at - the revs would not go over 1500 and it was as if a rev limiter was kicking in and...
  13. stevesey

    Service indicator gained 1500 miles?

    My service indicator had got down to 900 miles, checked it tonight - now showing 2400!! I've only had the car one month, and was suprised the reading was so low when I first got it (2500). I should have checked and got the garage to do a service, pre-delivery. I'd only looked at the history...
  14. guydewdney

    Honda Goldwing 1500 for sale (big pics)

    Due to the tax man taking my shirt off my back, reluctant sale of just bought 1500 'wing wineberry towbar intercom (bigmouth never used, not tested) DAB portable radio (tape adaptor) thrown in Haynes manual New air filter, oil filer and set of 'plugs just had oil change New front...
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