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    Bodywork for A class A 160

    Hi, I need some advise please - Just has a minor accident which resulted in scratches on front RH side on the car. I showed to Merc dealer who quoted £1200 for it and 5 days to fix it. Is it resonable? See the attached pics showing car damage and item of works quoted my the dealer...
  2. S

    CLC 160, 180 and 200 engine & aspiration

    Hey people I thought that the CLC 160 was a 1.6 naturally aspirated and the 180 Kompressor was a 1.8 supercharged and the 200 was a 2 litre supercharged But after some net searching it seems that they are all 1.8 superchaged So what are the differences in the 3 apart from power output ????
  3. P

    B 160 Sport wheels nuts rusty ?

    Hi I have a 23 month old B Class 160 sport auto with the lovely AMG alloys.. The only problem is althought the alloys are perfect the chromed nuts are all rusty - thinking of asking Mercedes to replace them under warranty - has anyone else had them rust / corrode and tackled Mercedes over it -...
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    B class 160 sport auto doesn't feel quite right !

    My wife recently bought a b160 sport auto - its 1 year old with 3k miles and sometimes it feels fine but other times it feels like it holds back or is jerky in acceleration - difficult to put my finger on it really - I'm sure when I test drove another one it did feel like this but it's now...
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    Coolant change A class cdi 160 problems.

    Took bottom hose off radiator nothing came out?, Took top hose off and approx a pint or more came out all this with expansion tank cap off. So is there a drain plug on the radiator or the block somewhere? Please don't say i need a fangle dangle tool only merc supply to drain the coolant.!!
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    A 160 elegance stiff steering

    hi all, my wifes A160 has developed stiff steering when turning left. was advised to change n/s wishbone but this has not cured the fault. any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.
  7. WLeg

    A Class 160 LWB

    My father in Law will soon be selling his A class. Spec (from memory) is: A Class 160 LWB Elegance 50k Miles Auto F + R OEM Parking Sensors A/C Nokia Bluetooth Leather Heated Seats Electric Folding Mirrors Rain Sensors Multiple Airbags Cruise Genuine Lady Driver (my Mother in...
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    A 160 gear box

    My 1999 A160 recently bought at 47,000k seems to engage reverse when cold start quite harshly, a distinct bump. Fine when warm and changes etc OK even when cold. Is this normal as it seems to be harsh compared with other auto cars I have owned. John P
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