1. Silver CL55

    Mercedes R129 17" alloy wheels, mint £180

    Bought these for my vehicle but they don't fit! A1296010902 8 1/2J JX17 H2 ET34 Advert where I bought them here 5X112 17" Alloy Wheel Slk Clk Passat Golf | eBay I'm sure they will fit other models, please do your own research Included are a set of bolts and lock nuts Wheels are...
  2. W

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch Tablet - £180

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch Tablet - Black (16GB, WiFi) Model: GT-P7510 Android 4.0.4 £180 inc P&P
  3. T

    w210 exhaust, new £180

    :bannana:this is on ebay at the moment, only just gone on.. what a bargain, proper one not a copy.:thumb: e300td estate w210 exhaust... new, unused £180.00:rock:
  4. 230K

    210 Mirror glass £180??? Alternatives

    Hi Drivers side mirror glass is very slightly cracked and going discoloured, checked with MB and they want £150 + vat just for the mirror glass. Does the normal non dipping glass fit straight on or anyone know where i could get a glass cheaper. Oh car is 98 E300TD estate Thanks, 230K
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