1. ivandraganov

    BMW 318i E 46

    Hi everybody,I know it's been a while since my last post but I've been busy and a bit angry with problems with my W203,but that past now.I've been looking to buy my first BMW,ooo no I'm not in a midlife crisis just wanted to look a bit younger in the eyes of the motorists but that's that.Also...
  2. gina2201

    BMW 318i TOURING

    New car to me anyway, as of today, BMW 318i Touring :thumb: In need of some T-cut and a wax, but generally very good condition. Electric windows and mirrors. Sunroof. I am only the 3rd owner from new, stacks and stacks of history and bills. Last owner 10 years! Very impressed with the drive...
  3. M

    C180, C200 or 318i

    I posted earlier about my mate looking at getting either C180 or C200 now there another addition to his list a 318i, he's looking at getting it on v or w reg plate. Any advice from anyone who's driven 318i and c180/c200, also he preferes manual! Any advice want on acceleration and motorway...
  4. T

    BMW 318i Compared to W202 C240

    My father is considering either buying a C240 (W202) or a BMW 318i. Of course I would much prefer him to have a C240 (like mine!) but I wondered what the views of the forum would be? I think they are both great cars!
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