1. merc85

    c126 420sec

    This looks lovely 1991 MERCEDES 420 SEC Signal Red | eBay
  2. O

    420SEC Diagnostic Codes.

    420SEC (W126 046) In an attempt to solve some erratic revs problem on my 420SEC 1991, I have constructed a basic code reader tool and plugged it in to my diagnostic socket. HOWEVER: The 8 pin diagnostic socket on my car has only two terminals, 1 and 7 connected!! Also I get the codes 12, 30...
  3. C36fan

    W126 420sec covertible

    Hi boys check that out!!:)http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201137485034
  4. Firepants78

    mercedes w126 420sec cold start problem

    Hi there, for some time I have a problem with morning firings (especially when it's cold and wet) any idea when start checking. whether it can be battery fault? lately I exchanged 10 year old Bosch 75Ah/720 cca on Varta 74Ah 680 cca. :dk:
  5. D

    Mercedes 420SEC

    Beautiful car, has me drooling :D Mercedes 420SEC 1990 V8 Coupe - Superb Car | eBay
  6. T

    W126 420SEC idles at 1600rpm

    My 1986 420 SEC had sat in the garage for seven years unused until November last when I completed some cosmetic and mechanical work before putting it back on the road. It is a catalytic converter car with lambda sensor. Last saturday at the end of a forty mile round trip, on selecting 'park'...
  7. H

    420SEC in need of full respray (inc rusty wings)

    Hi Mb'ers, I am new to this but really need some help bringing my Merc up to a higher standard. I love my 1990 coupe (owned for 3years), but it has some rust developing on wings and water coming in through boot seal. Does anyone know a good trustworthy restorer who can also provide a quality...
  8. PJayUK

    Buying tips, W126 420SEC

    I am going to look at another SEC this weekend this is the first one I have seen that has the 4.2L V8 M116 engine in it. The car itself sounds like it could be a good one; it’s registered in 1989 on a G plate in metallic blue with ivory leather. It’s from a dealer in Surrey taken as a part ex...
  9. smillion

    1 family owner 420SEC at Barons 102k miles

    Looks to be a nice spec with electirc memory seats and aircon.... Barons Auctioneers Marc
  10. PJayUK

    Is a 1991 420SEC realistic as a daily driver?

    I have been offered a very nice 1991 420SEC, in good condition with 93,500 showing on the clock. Its got a full service history and drives like a dream. This is proper head ruling the heart stuff, it looks absolutely stunning with no rust and its one of those cars that just gets me going when I...
  11. DR1VER

    1986 420SEC Auto. 1 Prev owner, FSH, Mint, Low miles

    HI Sadly have to sell to spend money on my house (boring :mad: ). Love the car to bits but its an unnecessary luxury at the moment. I can send lots of photos on request. Richard 07843087904 http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C51344
  12. C

    1988 420sec

    i'm liking this,ALOT what do you reckon its worth and what should i be looking out for? and is it something for everyday use? cheers mick http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1988-MERCEDES-420-SEC-AUTO-BLACK-PILLERLESS-COUPE-MOT_W0QQitemZ4614749695QQcategoryZ31360QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem it'll help if i put...
  13. P

    Looking for W126 420SEC white indicator lenses..

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for white indicator lenses (the fronts) for my SEC, i've had a hunt and cant seem to find anywhere, if anyone has some for sale second hand I dont mine, or if its possible to retint them to white I can do that (i'm reasonably handy)... its a W126 1989 Model. Many...
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