1. E

    VW Golf GTI 1.8T 49k with FSH

    Hi selling my golf. It's taxed and MOT'd to end of Feb, beautiful car to drive with the renowned VW 1.8T engine, be sad to see it go. Looking for around £3.5k or serious offers around that figure. Golf GTI Turbo 150 BHP, Black, 49K with FVWSH lots of receipts and old MOTs to verify mileage...
  2. D

    Mint W126 Mercedes 300SE, 49k miles, low owners

    Looks like a lovely old boat, would have been even better with leather... 1989 MERCEDES W126 300 SE AUTO RED GENUINE LOW MILEAGE MILES | eBay
  3. kbhogalW126

    2003 W203 '03 plate C270 Avantgarde SE, 49k miles for £14650

    folks, been offered the above (full black leather and auto) for £14650. Am going to view it before I go to Mercedes in Sheffield to view the C180 they have there - they couldnt fit me in last night unfortunately. Anyone got any views on the car/engine? am I better with a 03 plate...
  4. C

    Just bought a 1992 R129 300SL-24, 49k miles, import.

    I have just this week bought a 1992 R129 300SL-24 as my replacement car after selling my SLK earlier. Located in Epsom, Surrey. Is anyone with a similar car able to advise me / assist / look it over as I am new to the classic car game?
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