1. A

    My 540i

    1999 BMW E39 540i M Sport (IMMACULATE) on eBay (end time 31-Mar-10 15:15:27 BST) Finishes tomorrow at 3pm :)
  2. A

    540i no electricity!

    I knoowwww this is a Mercedes forum but i have a problem which may sound relatively simple to car mechs, and i feel a bit stranded on the bmw forum so i'll give it a go here. If i'm breaking any rules just delete the thread. The car hasn't given me a single issue to date, but it has now broken...
  3. A

    E39 540i

    Well i've gone and done it. I went and got my self a fully loaded e39 540, and i cant say i'm regretting it, its a sweet engine and a very good looking car imo :). The torque feel isn't all that impressive coming from my c230k but it does deceive, the numbers that come up when your foot is down...
  4. A

    MB CLK430 vs. BMW 540i Sport

    hi Guys, Thought i'd put this up for discussion. As most know i'm in the market for a reasonably powered V8, and the C43 is just uninsurable, but for some wierd reason i can get insurance on these 2 beasts at around £900 per year, with the clk being actually slightly cheaper! I'm torn...
  5. T

    c43 amg or 540i bmw ???????

    hi new to here , iv had a old w124 300e before and im looking at changing my current car a overfinch range rover 570 , i just dont like driving it as im getting 7mpg from it !!!! im looking at a c43 amg or a 540i bm , any thoughts advise on these cars ? cheers Lee
  6. Thmsshaun

    My new Car, BMW E39 540I

    Well after seeing a couple of Mercs and from either owner neglect or poor qualty I decided to look to BMW. Finally a car that was also local to me so I went up for a look really without any intent of purchase. However it became apparent the car has been very well maintained. A stack of...
  7. Maff

    1129 miles in 13 hours and a BMW 540i...

    Pretty much the same as the last thread from Germany. This one was with a BMW 540i. You won't see him in front of me this time, as it was trying to catch up ;) I let it over take me after about 10 minutes, as I would rather follow him, as I didn't know the road ahead and he seemed to know...
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