1. Spinal

    Kinect for Xbox One - £65

    Selling a Kinect for Xbox One. This is brand new - ended up with two of them (and only one xbox one). I just put it on eBay for £70, so putting it here for £65 including delivery. Want it sold asap, as I'm going skiing next week so need to post it before then.
  2. Ant-toe-knee

    Want a Prestige Wax ? If you hand over £65,000

    goldRush Rally (tm) Wax | 1of 1
  3. zubear

    blackberry 9300 phone and charger £65 only on tmob

    Blackberry 9300 for sale phone and charger £65 quick sale it only on t-mob and can easily be unlocked for £5 just do not have the time to get it done. the phone works fine but the case my need to be changed as general wear and tear. If anyone interested I can supply pictures.
  4. 230K

    £65,000 on diesel!!!!!!!!

    Hi My car will turn over 320,000 miles this week and it got me thinking how much fuel she has burnt since leaving the factory in Nov 1998. For ease of computing i took an average of 32 miles per gallon, so that is 10,000 gallons:eek: at todays price of circa £6.50/ gallon that is £65,000...
  5. G-A-R-Y

    pollen filters £65 ????

    I was quoted £17 for a pair of pollen filters at the main agents. When I opened the box and they were wrong. The correct filters (because I have automatic air con) cost a staggering £65 plus VAT Euro car parts £ 50 plus VAT There must be a cheaper way. Can I put them in the washing machine?
  6. F

    Diamondbrite £65 + p&p

    Removed by Admin : any quieries please contact : [email protected]
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