1. ScottHarry

    S320L CDI W221 Water & Oil leak 2007 72k

    Hi, I’ve noticed two small water leaks side by side on the driveway which both left a small trail when I reversed. The pic shows the stood and reversed water. On raising the hood I found an oil leak to the LHS of the engine with some oil behind the LHS of the radiator and then some leading...
  2. C

    C32 AMG saloon 72K command sat nav Silver

    I see Jay has a C32 for sale Mercland Ltd : MERCEDES C32 AMG SALOON 72K COMAND SAT NAV SILVER Looks nice, but I thought a full MBSH was essential for these cars? Although it is just one service at an indi. Comand Satellite Navigation, Xenons and Linguatronic Voice Control are nice options to...
  3. S

    Phew! - Made it thrugh the 72K rip-off

    I gotta say - my Local dealer has just been a real pleasure to deal with for a change. Was dealt with by a guy called Craig Wilson at Rycroft mercedes on the service desk and it was a real delight to talk to someone who obviously knew about the cars he was dealing with in the service. I ended...
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